giving up my reclusive ways

This is my new blog. I decided that I enjoyed writing my China blog so much, I would continue to write about my daily life. Admittedly, this is probably more boring than the China blog, but my friend Lauren suggested I start a regular blog. I also like talking about myself.
I came back from China in July of 2007. Between then and now, there really was no reason for a blog. I could have talked about trying to find a job and failing, deciding to go to grad school and studying for the GRE, studying for said exam and breaking out in shingles the day of the test, interviewing a couple times for one job I was ultimately passed over for, etc., ad nauseum, in finitum. However, I didn’t think that period of relative inactivity would inspire anyone to read the details of it.
I started graduate school last week at Missouri State University. I am in the Masters in International Affairs (MIAA) program, and looking at graduating in 2040 AD. This week I started a new job at the Bolivar Herald-Free Press. I’m an administrative assistant.
It’s been stressful. And also interesting. Or the opposite of interesting, if you consider my Wednesday night class – History 640: The Social, Economic and Political History of Medieval Europe. Or something to that effect. I call the teacher Professor Binns and I refer to the class as History of Magic. This is an incredibly nerdy reference to Harry Potter and his most boring class.
Last Wednesday, the professor talked for three hours about why history was skewed: the clergy, the rich and the powerful wrote the documents back in Ye Olde Thymes. See, I made that nice and short. It didn’t take me three hours to tell you why history is not what it seems. Professor Binns, on the other hand, explained this concept in his fake British accent, occasionally trailing off and commenting on how "horny" the clergy were, which is why they were so critical of women. I don’t think any of my Harding professors ever used the word horny.
My Tuesday night class, Foreign Policy Decision-Making, is terrifying in that I have no background in political science, and I’m only now realizing that you can’t just throw yourself into the lion’s den and wing it.
I like to mix metaphors. I also like to make up new words.
Other than commuting half an hour to Bolivar, working eight hours a day, commuting another 45 minutes to Springfield twice a week, commuting an hour back home after class, reading Mohammed and Charlemagne by Henri Pirenne on my lunch breaks, and learning a spanking new and complicated job, I sleep and eat when I stumble across some food. I’ve been averaging 5-6 hours a night, which isn’t much considering the 10 hours I routinely got during what I like to refer to as, "My Fallow Period." I miss those days.
This weekend looks like it will be fun – Jr. & Co. (my oldest brother and his family) are coming to stay for the weekend.
Oh, did I mention that I live with my parents? I can hear the theme song to "Reba" on the TV in the living room…

2 thoughts on “giving up my reclusive ways

  1. Hey Sarash,  Long time.  Good to hear you\’re studying again.  I\’m doing IR as well.  I\’m sure you copied me… shaved your head yet?  Miss you.  Jenny Ankrom xXx

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