king bush

Tonight I’m going to Nakato in Springfield with Gerry and Cynda (or as Cynda accidentally called him yesterday, "Larry"). I’m excited because I love Japanese steakhouses. I don’t care if it’s cliche or lame.
On Monday I ate American Chinese food for the first time since 2005. I ate plenty of real Chinese food while I was in China, so when I came home on breaks, I didn’t want American Chinese. Then when I came home for good, I just never ate it. I miss real Chinese food, and American Chinese is usually a pale imitation. However, the place we ate at on Monday tasted good to me, in spite of being Americanized. I felt odd using my chopsticks in front of my co-workers because, in addition to being the only person in the entire restaurant using chopsticks, I ate my food in a very Chinese fashion. When you’re eating a spring roll with chopsticks, you have no choice but to look very awkward and to have food hanging out of your mouth at some point. I’m sure everyone else thought I was disgusting. But mmmmm, it sure tasted good.
I’m having a hilarious time with the fam. Last night, Cynda told me that she and Lane had recently been discussing "what Aunt Sarah is doing," as in what was I up to these days? Cynda told Lane I was going to school, and he asked what kind of school. She told him college, and then he said, "So, after I go to China, I’ll go to college?" He seems to think that the things I’m doing are just a normal part of growing up.
This morning, out of the blue, Emma told me "the United States of America [unintelligible muttering] Bush president." Then a few minutes later she said something about the king of the U.S. being "Bush president."
Lane keeps insisting we watch "Buffy the Bampire."

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