Yes, I must refer to this as slogging through, because there really is no better way to put it.
So as I slog, here’s what happens:
An Amish man with the honest-to-goodness first name of Aquilla came in today to place some ads. Without thinking, I asked Aquilla what his phone number was. Awkward moment. We also had a Mennonite guy stop in. I don’t know his name. After he left, I referred to him as Jebediah.
We have this cute little old lady who comes in for a couple of hours every day. Her name is Libby, and she’s been with the paper forever. She seems to be partly deaf, so I think sometimes she hears something, and isn’t sure if someone has just spoken to her, so she stares at me periodically while I’m working. It’s unnerving.
I’ve been preparing for this week’s History of Magic, and I have to say, the reading has been more interesting than that of Foreign Policy Idiot Making (my new nickname for Foreign Policy Decision Making – one class certain to make me look like an idiot).
Favorite Company Names:
Greenlawn Funeral Home
Butt Backhoe Service
Those are real companies in the SW Missouri area.

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