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Today was a snow day. More accurately, it was a sleet/ice day. I got up this morning at 6:00 (okay, 6:15 – I slept a little later because I went to bed late last night) and drove in to work at 7:30. It started sleeting while I was driving, but I was roughly halfway there, so I figured I would just go on to work. They sent me home after 45 minutes because it was supposed to sleet/ice all day, and no one, including me, wanted me stuck there overnight.
I had to write a short bio about myself for the paper last Wednesday. I thought what I originally wrote was quite funny, but it got edited pretty thoroughly. Also, the accompanying picture is downright frightening. I was given very little warning before this little doozy was snapped, as you can probably tell:
I look demon-possessed. Also, it was like 8 a.m. and my squinty eyes could not fully open. My right eye looks seriously lazy.
I had an interesting call last week. I called a poor little old lady who told me she couldn’t renew her subscription because she was too busy taking care of lots of stray cats and dogs. She proceeded to tell me a very lengthy story about a kitten that was abandoned near her home, and how it had a hole in its leg with flies on it and the little neighbor boy wanted to take it home, but "That old tomcat on our farm would probably fight with it." I was trying not to laugh. Not about the kitten (which she told me in detail how she nursed it back to health), but about the randomness of the situation – her telling a complete stranger this weird story and that complete stranger being me.
The kids spent the weekend with us. They are so amusing. Emma wanted me to spray the "I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!" directly into her mouth, so I did. She requested it twice. Later on, we were playing hide-and-seek, and she told Pop, "You’re it, Pop! We’re going to hide in your room." I told her you weren’t supposed to tell the person who was it where you were going to hide, but she didn’t think that was very good advice. Pop asked, "How will I find you?" She said, "In your room!"
I got a makeover from Lane and Emma. Lane did my hair and Emma did my makeup. I looked quite interesting, like I’d been attacked by zombies. Lane told me I looked sexy, except he pronounced it "suxy." I asked him where he’d heard that expression, and his reply was "Farmer John."
Sunday in church was a struggle, because Gee was home sick and Lane and Emma were acting up. It doesn’t help that they think Aunt Sarah is another kid. I gave them a lot of evil looks. I’m sure everyone at church thinks I’m a mean aunt.

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