little shopping cart, fruit of the pound

I’m watching the 80th Annual Academy Awards, and Best Supporting Actress just went to Tilda Swinton, the androgynous actress who is also a favorite of my friend Daniel. I wasn’t pleased, as I was rooting for Amy Ryan from "Gone Baby Gone," but I wasn’t surprised, either. When watching the Oscars, deciding who I least want to win is also usually a prediction as to who will win.
I enjoyed Steve Carrell’s presentation. He never fails to make me laugh aloud. I think I can safely say that The Office is my favorite TV show ever. I’m relieved the writer’s strike is over and The Office will be returning in April.
I don’t know if you can tell, but I don’t really have anything important to talk about. It’s just been so long since I blogged that I thought I might get on here and ramble.
On an entirely unrelated note, I like naming things. I’m always thinking of potential names for future children, or (more likely) future cats. I’m a big fan of Shopping Cart (for the cat), Celeste, Helene, Pax Fynn and Leona, of course. The reason I started thinking about names was because one of my oldest friends, Lindsey, is going to have a baby in June. She’s going to have a little girl named Phoenix. I want to name my kid something cool and unique. Maybe Shopping Cart would work for the kid too. I think I like naming things because it means you have control and power over something, like perhaps Europe, and you have a place in history as a result of affecting it, much like a dictator. So naming something = Adolf Hitler.
Anyway, congratulations to Lindsey and Dylan. I’m excited to see my old BFF knocked up and I’m excited for Phoenix to get here!
Some things/people I’ve named:
Emma’s preemie Cabbage Patch Doll – Glory
White Dodge Caravan – The Great White
(Oh, here comes Best Actress … Go Ellen Page Go…NO! THAT FRENCH WOMAN! WE WERE ROBBED, CANADA!!!)
Ahem, what was I saying?
Oh yes.
Previous neighbor – The Yeti*
Previous landlords, apartment managers, etc. – The Mormon, Camel Joe, Miami Vice*
Previous classmate – Highwater Joey
First cat in Boonville, MO – Yoyo, named after my best friend Yolande
Second cat in Boonville, MO – Wishes, short for Best Wishes (named in honor of Yoyo, who died when my brother accidentally stepped on her)
Large bouncy ball in my possession sophomore year of college – Senor Rotund (there was also an accompanying song)
*I admit, I had help from Lauren on these. Some of them might have been entirely of her invention, but no, let’s pretend I made them up.
I’ve rambled on enough for one night. I’ve been pretty busy with work and school, but I’ll try to write more frequently this week. I know how much you hang on my every random word.

Currently reading :
Of Human Bondage (Signet Classics)
By W. Somerset Maugham

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