this isn’t so bad…[sour face]

I posted pictures from Easter weekend and captioned a few to explain the facial expressions, but I forgot to tell the story that goes with the pictures. On Saturday evening, we had an indoor nighttime Easter egg hunt. The eggs were black, dark purple and dark blue and had yellow reflective strips on them. We made Lane […]

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delaying the guillotine

I disappeared there for a while because I had a massive mid-term to write and then I got sick. Also, there was nothing to write about. There’s still nothing to write about. I should be reading "The Carolingian Age: Reflections on Its Place in the History of the Middle Ages." Instead I watched Rear Window […]

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zanc niewedde

Zanc niewedde, bijula Khan, emlyn doan, Maude Marcum, Lenora Rosenberg and Jillian Shroom have all e-mailed me today. Their e-mails went to my spam folder. What are they selling? I’m not clear on the methods, but I can tell from the subject line that they are offering some sort of medication for a particular body […]

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what you do when i’m looking

Lately I’ve been slowly realizing that I unconciously mimic people. I don’t mean unconcious like I’m asleep and mimicking people. That’s called dreaming. I mean that I’m not really aware that I’m doing it. I’ve caught myself crossing or uncrossing my arms right after someone else does. A variety of gestures I thought were my own […]

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