my friends can moonwalk

I got a forward with pictures of a terrifying-looking roller coaster ride. As I was telling Lauren about the pictures, she said, "Is it in Cedar Point? I’ve ridden that ride!" I couldn’t believe it. The girl has been everywhere. She’s even leaving for Egypt on Wednesday. I jokingly told her I wouldn’t be surprised if I stumbled across a picture of her and her husband, Rob, on the moon.
Which was obviously my inspiration from 9 – 10 p.m. Sunday night.
I really hope the weather is inclement enough tomorrow to prevent me from going to work or Foreign Policy Idiot-Making. I haven’t read for Wednesday, History of Magic, so having the day off would really help. Not that I would expect to be prepared, because even if I do study for History of Magic, Professor Binns inevitably asks questions I don’t understand anyway.
I had a hilariously adolescent moment during History of Magic last week. It was due in part to my exhaustion and it being the last five minutes in class. It was also due in part to my friend Michael making me laugh every five minutes by giving me funny looks whenever Professor Binns would say something like, "I shan’t."
Professor Binns had bought a cup of coffee during the break, and it must not have agreed with him, because he burped mid-sentence. Michael looked at me, and it was like when something slightly amusing happens during church. You start to laugh because, hey, it’s funny, but then you realize you can’t laugh, because you’re in church. Since laughing is the absolute LAST thing you’re supposed to be doing, it becomes a death-match between your uncontrolled giggles and your sense of restraint. You end up turning beet-red in your attempts to suppress the laughter, and of course it’s obvious to everyone around you that you are laughing.
After that, I couldn’t look at Michael for the rest of class.
I flipped to March on my calendar at work today. The sports editor should be pleased – this month features Jim.

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