what you do when i’m looking

Lately I’ve been slowly realizing that I unconciously mimic people. I don’t mean unconcious like I’m asleep and mimicking people. That’s called dreaming. I mean that I’m not really aware that I’m doing it. I’ve caught myself crossing or uncrossing my arms right after someone else does. A variety of gestures I thought were my own actually belong to whoever is in my immediate surroundings. I have also discovered that it usually happens when I am uncomfortable. Deep down, I think it might be that I am not secure in acting like my natural self, so I act the way I imagine the other person would approve of.
This is also probably associated with my tendency to copy idiosyncracies of friends. I am easily influenced by what they do with their hands when they’re talking, the peculiar way they may say a word, an amusing sound they make or a facial expression.
You could tell me this strange little phenomenon means I am insecure and have a pathetic need to please others. OR you could be polite and just say that behind my back.
Or there is one other option. Hand in hand, you and I could take the high road and chalk it all up to an acute awareness unrivaled in this hemisphere. 

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