zanc niewedde

Zanc niewedde, bijula Khan, emlyn doan, Maude Marcum, Lenora Rosenberg and Jillian Shroom have all e-mailed me today. Their e-mails went to my spam folder. What are they selling? I’m not clear on the methods, but I can tell from the subject line that they are offering some sort of medication for a particular body part that I do not possess. This seems to have escaped Zanc’s attention.
SCENE: Zanc sees Sarah at the neighborhood supermarket, el supermercado del barrio.
Zanc: SARAH! How’s it going? Did you get my e-mail?
Sarah: Hi, Zanc. Things are great. I did get your e-mail.
Zanc: So, what’d you think? Are you ready to no longer be embarrassed in the locker room?
Sarah: I have something to tell you, Zanc.
Zanc: What’s that?
Sarah: Quite frankly, I’m a little disappointed you haven’t noticed that I have a uterus.
Zanc: Really?!? I thought those were indigenous to the Arctic Ocean!

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