this isn’t so bad…[sour face]

I posted pictures from Easter weekend and captioned a few to explain the facial expressions, but I forgot to tell the story that goes with the pictures.
On Saturday evening, we had an indoor nighttime Easter egg hunt. The eggs were black, dark purple and dark blue and had yellow reflective strips on them. We made Lane and Emma wait in the other room while we hid all the eggs. Then we turned off all the lights and the kids had to find the Easter eggs using flashlights. It was so much fun. Everyone was proud of me for buying the kit and they kept waxing eloquent about it. You’d have thought I didn’t just buy the kit, but also invented it. And flashlights. And eggs.
Daddy and Pop got involved, and we took turns hiding and hunting. One time when Gerry and Dad were responsible for hiding the eggs, they put just a few out where we could find them and then hid the rest under a blanket on the couch. We looked everywhere. Meanwhile, Gerry was wearing a tell-tale smirk. He has to be the worst liar ever. When we were all in another room (and about to give up), Gerry dumped all the missing eggs onto the living room floor. When we came back into the living room, he insisted we had walked right by them. What a wise guy.
After hiding and hunting several times over, we opened the eggs, which had an assortment of treats. Warheads were in some of them, which are really sour candies that I remember enjoying as a child, but it had been a while since I had one. I almost hadn’t bought the kit because of the sour candy, but Cynda told me Emma liked sour stuff. As we were dumping the candy into the kids’ Easter buckets o’ goodies, Cynda and I convinced Lane to try a Warhead. He put it in his mouth, but took it out when it started to get sour. Cynda decided to see how sour they really were and popped one in her mouth. She sat there for a second and then made a truly hilarious face. I couldn’t stop laughing. Then I tried one. Cynda laughed so loudly at my facial expressions that everyone else came into the kitchen to see what all the fuss was about. We were both still wiping tears from our eyes when Dad gave it a go. He put one in his mouth, and as you’ve probably guessed by now, they aren’t sour right away. It takes a few seconds. After a few moments, he said, "This isn’t so bad…" It was a mere heartbeat before his face puckered up so comically as to make the entire group howl with laughter.
I’m not sure how we convinced Mom to try one, but we did. I thought she was going to choke there for a second, but she’s a trooper and she managed. Gerry came in chomping on a "Warhead," impressing us all, but it turned out he was just eating a Lifesaver. You know the story of the boy who cried wolf? Ever since I was a child and first heard that story, I always pictured my brother as the main character. Seriously.
Lane gave his Warhead another go, putting it in his mouth and taking it out again several times before reaching for his milk.
Finally, it was Emma’s turn. She had licked on a Warhead a couple of times, but was very wary. It took us all chanting for her before she was brave enough. "GO! EMMA! GO! EMMA! GO! EMMA! GO! EMMA!" She bit the bullet, so to speak, and because she is already the cutest little girl in the world, the face she made was too impossibly cute to even put into words. Thank goodness we have pictures.
Later on, Mom overheard Emma walking along and softly chanting to herself, "Go! Emma! Go! Emma! Go! Emma!"
The drive home from work today was quite unique for two reasons – it was pouring huge plopping droplets of rain at the same time the sun beat down on me to my left and there was a full rainbow to my right.

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