In case there are any "faithful" readers out there, aside from my family, I must explain why I don’t write very often these days. It’s getting to be crunch time, as far as school is concerned. I have to write a 20-page paper for Foreign Policy Idiot Making and a 12-page paper for History of Magic.
I had to lead the class discussion in Idiot Making last night. Unfortch, when it was my turn to ask questions and guide the group in a discussion, my classmates had very little to say. I felt like a huge failure. I tried extracting Michael’s opinion of my presentation, and even though he puts an annoyingly positive spin on everything, I walk away from the experience feeling like an imbecile.
I’m also dreading the next presentation in a couple of weeks.
On a lighter note, tonight in class Professor Binns talked about royal hospitality. The phrase is a little misleading, because it refers more to the hospitality extended to traveling royals. Anyway, blah blah blah, twelve years later…Binns equated the way royals and their court treated their hosts while traveling to the way younger relatives treat a more modern day host. He told us his younger relatives liked to wrestle the furniture, and he just couldn’t fathom what a person expected to prove about himself by defeating furniture. Then, inexplicably, he said, "And it wasn’t sexual! At least I think it wasn’t sexual…not yet."
I wasn’t sure I would be able to compose myself, because even though we all laughed together for a few seconds, I continued to laugh for a good 30 seconds and really worried that I might not be able to regain control.

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