chickenhead learns to walk

Let me tell you a story about a chickenhead klutz named Sarah.Sarah knew that disaster always occurred near her birthday, but she tempted fate anyway and went shopping for new clothes after her birthday. She found a pair of khakis at a store, but they were too long for her. The chickenhead looked all over […]

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column day

20 years of progress By: Sarah In the interest of full disclosure, I’m going to say it. This is my first real column. My high school column “The Westside” didn’t count, nor did my sporadic entries in Harding University’s weekly newspaper The Bison. This feels real. I’m pretty sure this is even real newsprint. I’d […]

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the newest court reporter

I got promoted to Court Reporter. That’s a capital C, capital R. I will have a column appearing in tomorrow’s paper. The column is entirely unrelated to my job duties as Court Reporter, but the editor is on vacay and asked me to write the column and a feature story to try me out and […]

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once a day ridiculous

I’m back from the dead and two days shy of 26. I have a vague understanding of what birthdays mean to most people, but for me they mean sinus-related migraines. Gloomy, I know, but the worst part of spring always rears its ugly head this time of year, if I’m in the U.S. I was […]

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