the newest court reporter

I got promoted to Court Reporter. That’s a capital C, capital R. I will have a column appearing in tomorrow’s paper. The column is entirely unrelated to my job duties as Court Reporter, but the editor is on vacay and asked me to write the column and a feature story to try me out and see if I was any good. I also helped lay out some pages last week. I think I’m also replacing the photographer who left, but I’m sketchy on the details. I did take some pictures today at some events. I guess that makes me photographer for now. I’ll post the column after it runs. We’ll skip the feature, since you probably don’t want to hear about the 50th anniversary of a funeral home. When interviewing the owners, I couldn’t resist telling them I’d worked one day at a funeral home before being fired.
Doing the photographer bit is interesting, because I don’t know any of the people in this community. So I wander around the event, looking somewhat like an outsider but also placidly aloof. I take an occasional picture and try not to feel too awkward doing it because hey, I’m supposed to skulk silently in the shadows – I’m an observer.
An older gentleman came in yesterday to place an ad. He proceeded to talk about the cost of gas and the way people frequently change jobs these days. Back in his day, you got a job at 18 and stayed there for 30 years.
"If you want a job like that now,  you got to go to China!"
I thought it prudent to hold my tongue. People don’t want to be reminded every 30 seconds that I went to China.
Count to 30.

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