to florida, from sarah. please rsvp.

I’m ready for my three-day mini-break. I think if it’s five days or more, it’s a vacation, but if it’s less than five days, it’s called a mini-break. I’m not sure though, because I’m not British. Although I do wish we employed the practice of high tea. I’m all for extra meals in the day.
My mini-break will be to Tallahassee to see my friend Lauren. We’re also going to Tampa to see a comedian and Lauren’s going to show me her new house. There’s no furniture in it yet, so we’ll be staying at a hotel. One with a pool, so I can get scorched.
The reporting business is exhausting. I think it’s really a combination of my old and new job duties, because I still have to do my old job until they hire my replacement. Also, although I’m not supposed to be full-time in the reporter position yet, it consumes a large chunk of my time. So Florida and Lauren, get here already. And stay, would you please?
Sharky, center, was purchased on a previous trip to see Lauren. Sarah discovered him at a beach store and was eventually asked to leave the store for insisting on using Sharky’s mouth as a "hand" to browse through the clothing.

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