ipod cpr

I am giving my iPod CPR in one last attempt to make it work before sending it to Apple for repair (or replacement). It suddenly went dead and will now only make the sad iPod face. I’m serious, it really does make a face. So I checked Apple’s website for troubleshooting tips, and it recommended the 5 R’s. I don’t remember what they all stand for, but the last one has something to do with putting the iPod into disk mode. You’re supposed to lay it on a flat surface and press down on the center button with one finger and the play button with another. Next I’ll be giving my iPod mouth-to-mouth while I wait for the Apple ambulance, having already called iPod 911. I’m not sure I can stretch this lame analogy much further, so let’s just stop there.
Here is a conversation I had with 8-year-old Maddy, the granddaughter of some friends of my family:
MADDY: Can you drive a car?
SARAH: Yes I can!
MADDY: That’s cool.
SARAH: I’ve been driving for ten years.
MADDY: …and you still live with your mom.
Later –
MADDY: Do you have a boyfriend?
MADDY: You’re still young. Someday you can find a boyfriend and then buy a house and get married and have babies.
SARAH: Okay.

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