the million dollar day

Today was a million-dollar day. Not because I won the lottery or anything, and certainly not because my apartment is in great shape, what with the unpacked boxes making it a disaster area. It was also not due to the fact that I forgot to buy shower curtain rods and had to shower with no […]

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I had my surgery yesterday, and came out really mad at the world. I was not one of those happy drugged people who talk loudly and make inappropriate comments, like I was worried I would be. Oh no, I emerged with a scowl on my face and wanted every nurse who kept saying my name […]

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the ayes have it

I had to go to the city aldermen’s meeting tonight. I tried really hard to look interested in water works and SCADA and SCUD or whatever. Whenever they voted, they would raise their hands for "aye" and the mayor would say, "All ayes." I was terribly disappointed that he never said "The ayes have it." […]

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stars and stripes

Now that I’m actually paid to write, keeping my blog seems more like work. But I am committed to bringing you the most trivial news in Southwest Missouri, so I’ll soldier on. The Fourth of July: Everyone was here. I’m pretty sure you were here. We got really sunburnt going out on the pontoon boat […]

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