let me ask my lawyer friend

Congratulations to my friend Lauren who found out today that she passed the bar exam. You’re totally awesome Laura! No, I did not just mistake my best friend’s name. Laura is Lauren’s nickname. People have called her by the wrong name all her life. She’s been called Laura, Laurie and many other variations of her […]

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Last night, while eating peanut butter out of the jar, I realized the nighttime cold medicine had kicked in. I haven’t had a cold quite like this since I was on a bus in the middle of a desert in China. At that time, I looked like this:     And I kind of look […]

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holding your camera hostage

"I named all four of my youngins after my neighbors…Jebediah, get out of that trash can! Don’t you go chokin’ to death on no chicken bones! You go on and take that dog outside and tie it to the stick in the yard. Jebediah! What did I say ’bout them chicken bones? Boy, I’m gonn’ tan […]

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resurrected rabbit

A crazy lady gave me glowing praise today. If you have read anything about it, she’s the woman who had 369 animals taken from her property and has been charged with two counts of child endangerment because of the living situation. I’ve written two articles about it now, one about her two daughters and son-in-law […]

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the good life

The great thing about moving and unpacking is all the great old crap you find. Like those sketchbooks and journals, just brimming with old intrigues. Also, that dusty old ukulele you keep hitting with the door every time you enter the closet in the spare bedroom. You pick it up, play a song in a […]

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