resurrected rabbit

A crazy lady gave me glowing praise today. If you have read anything about it, she’s the woman who had 369 animals taken from her property and has been charged with two counts of child endangerment because of the living situation. I’ve written two articles about it now, one about her two daughters and son-in-law when they were also charged with child endangerment, and one in Wednesday’s paper about the animal custody hearing that was held on Tuesday. Of course I wanted to be fair and accurate, but in doing so, I could not avoid showing what a crazy lot they are. So it makes me wonder – how should I feel about compliments from a crazy lady who is thrilled with an article that depicts her as insane and terrible?
In addition, she requested I write an article about one of her rabbits that was on the news last night. Six animals have died since they were taken into custody, but I had never heard what species they were, as the species taken ranged from horses to goldfish. She says one of the rabbits that allegedly died since being "stolen by the Humane Society" was on the news last night as one of the animals that has already been adopted. So she thought I should write an article about this miracle rabbit that came back to life.
I love my job.

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