hide the pea soup

Beelzebub at the Courthouse
I heard the voice of the devil today while I was at the courthouse. I was doing my usual thing, printing reports and snooping through files (I refer to it as snooping, but really it’s all public record), when I heard an audio recording of a clearly disturbed man coming from the courtroom. I overheard bits and pieces of testimony from a guy who must be schizophrenic, because he changed personalities, growled and was possessed by demons from time to time. I went in to listen to the recording from the beginning. He prayed, was possessed, was asked to step down and was tackled a couple of times when he got too out of hand. I’m not sure if he got up or just thrashed his way onto the floor. At one point he called the judge "judgy-wudgy" and commanded him to allow him to testify. During one spell of possession, in which he spoke in a truly hair-raising voice, he said the name of an attorney who must have been in the room and said, "My friend, I haven’t seen you in a long time." I thought that was funny because it seemed like an obvious joke to me, alluding to the friendship between the devil and a defense attorney.
Other than that and the judgy-wudgy bit, it wasn’t funny at all. It was a little depressing and most definitely disturbing. It brought to mind "The Exorcist."
I’m writing an article on the Mo. ballot issue of the Missouri Clean Energy Initiative. One of the sources of clean energy is "biomass." When I first saw the word, I assumed it meant energy from dead plants and animals, and I was pretty much right. Nonetheless, it made me wonder if they ever slip in a dead human and burn it for energy. They could probably get away with it, those biomass people. And how much energy could the average human body provide? And is soylent green really people? Yeah, I wonder about these things.
On a related note, I know I’m not the only one who considers these morbid possibilities. Not too long ago, I was asking my dad if, when driving down the road, he ever wondered how many travelers he passed who might have dead bodies in their trunks. He said no. I said "You’ll wonder now." Then he told me he sometimes wondered how many people he passed who had committed murder. So I come by this weirdness naturally.

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