my weekend

My mom is in the hospital in intensive care, my dog likes Slim Jims and three lattes do not help a twitchy eye.
Mom was admitted Friday after a lung biopsy that didn’t go so well. Air leaked out of her lung into the tissue around it, which was extremely painful, and she also had a vicious bout with staph bronchitis. Sunday is when they moved her to the ICU and she made a lot of improvement after the third antibiotic was administered. They took the tube draining the leaked air out last night (it was in her back and as big around as my thumb), which alleviated a lot of her pain.
I picked up the dog at my parents’ house because they had not expected to be gone that long. Friday night, Jazbo watched me eat a Slim Jim. It took me probably the better part of an hour, because I wanted to savor it. She stared at me in agony. I finally put a pillow between our faces so she couldn’t look at me, but she was even craning her neck around the pillow to try to watch me eat the artery-clogger. So Saturday on the drive to Boonville, she got a special treat. I bought a box of Slim Jims just for her. Each time I gave her one, she wolfed it down. Then she would look at me expectantly. I thought I had really taught her how to savor her Slim Jims. It wasn’t my fault she didn’t get the memo. And I told her so.
I drank a lot of coffee on Sunday in an effort to not fall asleep on the drive home. The nerve below my left eye was already twitching a lot. Now I’ve sworn off caffeine to try to make it stop, but it’s twitching as I type. The nerve of that nerve.

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