declared deficient by a dream

During an all-too-brief reprieve between snooze alarms this morning, I had a terrible dream.
I think I was in China, or some other foreign country. A minister was reviewing me. In a room full of people, he looked at a report card on the status of my soul and told me it wasn’t good enough. He said I seemed alright on the outside (during which he passed his hand over his face like Dad does when he is encouraging "mind over matter"), but there was nothing on the inside, and that I might be a sociopath.
I woke up quite depressed.
I have to say, the awesomest part of my job these days is my co-worker Michelle. She also goes to my church. We went to lunch together today, and just like last time we went to lunch together, she had me laughing so hard I was snorting into my salad. Of course, it means she’s been telling my co-churchers that I’m a "character," so my sweet and shy cover is blown.
Oh well. Mind over matter.

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