from christmas cookies to cemeteries, with a layover in dairy land for some milk

I broke down on my self-imposed "nothing Christmasy before Thanksgiving" rule and bought cookies you throw on a slab and throw in the oven. They had cute little green and red-striped chips in them, and like the sucker I am, I bought them. I’ll be taking them to work tomorrow instead of eating them all by myself with my 25 imaginary cats. I think it’s probably more pathetic to have 25 imaginary cats than to have 25 cats.
So I really think it’s time to dye my hair. The one or two times a year I say or do something dumb, it always get chalked up as a "blonde moment" by my co-workers. That’s unfair, if you ask me. Today one of my co-workers was talking about her relative who worked for a "blind company." Several thoughts popped into my head simultaneously, one being an image of an office room crowded with blind people all wandering around bumping into things and one another and a thought that whatever this company made for blind people, calling it a "blind company" was probably not the best idea. Aloud, I said, "A BLIND company?!?" Which caused everyone to laugh uproariously as I realized my friend had meant window treatments.
I spent my Monday wandering around in cemeteries and dairy farms. It was really just one cemetery and one dairy farm, but it sounds crazier the other way.
I was informed that I was going to smell quite foul after going into the milking room. I emerged and did notice an unpleasant scent that reminded me of the way airports smell.

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