cousins separated at birth

I like reading the BBC’s headlines.
"Elephants ‘die earlier in zoos.’"
No kidding.
"Many lie about reading habits to impress a friend or would-be lover."
I like that I don’t feel compelled to lie about my reading habits. I read enough books and enough variety that I can say, “No, I haven’t read [blank],” without feeling dumb. I’ve read enough other stuff. You can take your snooty reading list and shove it.
I can even add, “I’ve also written a novelette for my friend Danielle.”
Now I’m just bragging.
“Poor white boys still lag behind”
I have no idea what that means, BBC, and I’m not going to read the article to find out. Way to not intrigue me at all with that cryptic headline.
I had a comical Michael Scott moment yesterday and today. Since I don’t have a computer right now and cannot download "Last Christmas" by Wham! and I am desperate to hear the song, if only for 30 seconds with the iTunes sample, I listened to the same 30 seconds over and over and over on my computer at work. Michael Scott did the same thing with a song he didn’t want to buy. So in that way, we are like cousins separated at birth. Which makes him second cousins with Kanye West.
I have successfully gotten the song stuck in the heads of Michelle and Co. I think I’ve even converted Michelle to the 80’s-snapping-and-idiotic-head-bob dance move that goes with it.

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