i teach michelle the joys of photo booth

Now she knows how I entertained myself when I had to stay late to make calls.

New Year’s Resolution – No stalkers in ’09!

Looking ahead at not just the next year but the next 75, here are a few of the more amusing entries in my list of "100 Life Goals" that I started a couple years ago:

14. Read all the classics (ALL of them?!? Now that’s an undertaking)

22. Not procrastinate on something, for once (Still working on that one)

25. Race the tide (I would say your guess is as good as mine, but sadly, I still know what this means)

27. Wear wooden shoes at some point (Now that I can do)

33. Get a real tan (Still unattainable)

36. Be thanked in an Oscar speech (It could happen)

38. Write for Weekly World News (No longer possible as this true-to-life elitist periodical is now defunct)

46. Retire in Florida with my friends, 47. Own a houseboat (Those go together, obviously)

50. Morocco (That is meant as a noun, and not some elusive verb)

61. Stake a vampire (The list just gets weirder from here)

62. Accuse someone of murder and mean it (Don’t just accuse – really put some feeling into it!)

64. Time travel (Why not? It’s my list)

67. Go camping in the Black Forest (Maybe I should bring my stake. This is the last item on the list, as it is still a work in progress)


I added a new photo album named "wii christmas." The first couple pictures of my brothers playing the Wii are a couple months old, if the pumpkins in the background are any evidence.



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