the annoying song routine

A shortage of sleep usually means one thing during my morning ablutions – until I’ve had coffee, I have to endure The Annoying Song Routine. "What the flip is that?" you ask indignantly. For whatever deep, psychologically painful reason, when I arise feeling particularly tired, I have one phrase from a song stuck in my […]

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dear dad

Can you come over and stick your hand in the food disposal and fish out the fork I dropped in there? Also, can you open this jar of apple butter Aunt Wilma gave me? Thanks.   Sincerely, Sis

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sarah’s solutions

Dilemma: Your 6-year-old nephew has an unidentifiable smear of some mystery substance on his cheek. Solution: You use a spray bottle to spray him in the face with water and then watch as he simply laughs, because he is 6 and being sprayed in the face with water is still funny.

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from time via

"Sharks rampage in Australia"My biggest concern is have they taken to rampaging on land? Also, are they destroying property or just threatening old ladies? Have they set fire to anything yet? What’s that you say? They can’t set fire to anything in the ocean? You make a valid point.How much of their rampaging has to […]

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