currently listening to…

Anything on my iPod that begins with a ‘P.’ This includes Pajaros by Huascaran (ask Danielle, Lauren, Grant or Brian for more information, even though Brian might yell at you for giving money to the homeless), Paper Planes by M.I.A. (one of Emma’s favorite songs, I am so proud of that), Paranoid Android by Radiohead, Particle Man by They Might Be Giants, Pass the Dutch by Missy Elliott (not what you’d call a ‘clean’ song, but never fails to cheer me for some reason) and Peggy Sue by Buddy Holly.

In dream land the night before last, I was informed that although I appeared normal from the side, I was too “wide” facing forward to be a fashion model, so I covered my face in mud and participated in a race. I was sure I could win. I furiously pumped my arms and legs, undistracted by the free samples of food in the town square that sidetracked so many of my competitors. I could see the finish line, and although I had thought I was in first place, I saw three others ahead of me. Before crossing the finish line, one had to jump 15 times on a series of three trampolines. Getting from trampoline to trampoline required the assistance of one man who was so focused on helping the runner in first place, he failed to see me wildly finish my 15 jumps on the first trampoline. I had been catching up, but his inattention lost me the race. I blamed him for my fourth-place finish.

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