for emma

with warmth streaming in through the car window, emma and i eat our ice cream cones and i enjoy the melancholy yellow light on passing fields that beckon us to become nomads. we would wander this nation and all sunny places, listening to “for emma” by bon iver and scaling the seemingly insurmountable challenge of a life unlived. we would dig our toes in sand and tromp through fields and parks crisp with the start of autumn. she would master her rock-skipping skills on glistening pristine lakes, remembering how she first saw me skip stones on pomme de terre.
but we just enjoy this one moment, knowing that we can always wander in our daydreams. we think of pop’s land at home, with the cow skull on the fence and blue skies unrolling into forever with the perfect white clouds placed just so. and we listen to “for emma.”


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