dear manager

This e-mail I received at work makes me happy.

What is a Silican Wafer, I wonder? Can I spend a Silicon Ingot?

Dear  Manager,


I am  pleased to  write to   you  
  in  the  honour of  3Greetings  Commerce  from China. 
We  3Greetings  Commerce  in China  focus the services of:
sourcing, wholesale trading, busyiness agent, trading consultation, inspection  and  so  on. 
Products  and service we  supply  to  all  over  the  world   are contented: 
1.       Articles  and Decoration: Wooden Products,  Sculptures And  Sarving, Home  Article, Decoration, 
      Furniture, Metal & Plastic Outdoor  Furniture, Cloth  Product, Outo Parts,  Silk Brocade  Poem  And Drawing,
      Silk Crafts,  Tungsten  Man   decoration  Etc;
2.       Electron  & Electrical Appliance:  Online  Laptop, Earphone, Component  And  Consumables  Etc.
3.       Environment and Renewable  Products:  LED, Silicon, Solar  Energy  Product, Solar Line  Marterials,
      Solar Apply SystemEnergy  Save  Facility,  Silican Wafer, Silicon Ingot, Environmetnt Test&Protection Product,
      Lab Instrument  And  Consumables  Etc;
4.       Mineral & Chemical  Materials: Inorganices Chemicals & Organices Chemicals, Silicon, Minel, Pharmaceutical Intermediate  Etc;  
Our  advantage:  
Made up of  united and efficient  teams;
Have variety  fields  and industry experience;
Keep on  developing  products  with  diversified  technology;
Strictly Control  product’s quality;
Sternly keep our promise to  clients.
Welcome  any  inquiry   concerning  selling and  purchasing!

Enclosed  is  catalogure  of  some  product  and  a  picture  of  XIAMEN CITY in night  for  you  referring,
hope  there  is  some  thing that  can  interested you, or  if  there  is  any  inquiry,  please  contact  us!

Thanks and  best regards!
3Greetings  Commerce
Add: 1513Yufa Guangchang, 1017 Xiahe Road,Siming district, Xiamen,  China
Tel: 0086 136 96951523
Fax: 0086 592 5161637
For more products , please refer to :



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