the friday issue

Oliver seriously pretending to work today
Doesn’t threaten to slit Sheriff’s throat
Oliver tells West she will punch her in the face to death
West keeps eating her Heath bar, unconcerned
‘Oogie Boogie’ voice really convincing, reporter says
West sings while driving truck
Writer threatens subordinate with calling McDonald County Sheriff’s Office
Subordinate pretends she can’t hear me
SBU grad draws co-worker’s attention to search for missing balloon boy
West wastes at least two minutes watching iReport video about civilization on Mars
Proof readers finish proofing front page
"It’s about time," West says

Oliver gets all uppity with AP Style guide

Makes further snarky comments
West manages to hold her tongue
Compares herself to Jesus
Reporter’s outbursts numerous today
"She can watch ‘The Office’ on someone else’s TiVo," West says

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