q: how many fingers am i holding up? a: friday.

The desk at work is starting to look like a toy store.
The checklist for a ridiculous desk to let visitors know you’re not really an adult:
• Three squeezable zombie brain pens
• Two popped squeezable zombie brain pens
• Sticky eyeballs everywhere…EVERYWHERE…on the ceiling (didn’t realize it would stain the tile), on the wall (hope Charlene don’t find out about this), on the front door (lovely smear), in Michelle’s hair (the claws came out after that), in my hair (she snuck up on me and crouched behind me like a little walrus while I hummed and worked, unaware), in my hand as I type (so hard to type…so sticky)
• Jack Skellington with the shell of a zombie head over his head and then an inverted zombie brain as a hat
• Jack Skellington holding onto a bag of blood for dear life (realistic-looking, cherry-flavored bag of blood, at your local Walgreens)
• A dangling needle pen from the health center
• Bobblehead ghost, witch and cat
• Stuffed spider and bat with hearts (Timmy and Diego)
• Picture of clown taped to computer (See Zombieland)
• A super awesome drawing by Ashton a.k.a. Little Ninja Niece ("you little Ninga Neace," writes Ashton)
• Zombie brain pen with extra sticky eyeball and Post-It that says "Let me take your temperature"
• Bowl of sugary candy, also known as fuel
• Black and white photo of tiger roaring (circus came through town)
• Post-It note from Deanna "Coroner 777-1234 Thanks for the good time <3"
• Post-It note TO Deanna "Danny Devito 777-5555 Thanks for the mediocre time [drawing of hideous Cupid]"

• One mummy pen

• One Freddy Krueger pen
• Cowbell
• MORE cowbell
• "Take me to jail, sheriff!" ad drawn by Jessica (handcuffs included)
• Harding mug that is never, ever washed (for luck? for germs?)
• The Office calendar
• Four packs of Bubblicious
• "Trick or treat" and "Happy Halloween" signs

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