it is wednesday

The Blue and Gray Brigade stakes out abandoned toddler situation

Newspaper task force cracking down on weird parking lot activity
Writer obsessed with self
Oliver reads and re-reads SBU alumni mag
Temporary editor-in-chief should be investigative reporter, witnesses say
West will not give up on asking Oliver the name of her "Springfield" boyfriend

Newspaper employee occasionally works
Curl has no right showing up half past noon with her hair looking all fabulous

Not eating is giving me a headache
‘I should consider food,’ West tells a comatose Oliver

Customer service rep. more or less tells reporter she only has herself to blame for having stalkers
‘One old guy asks for my autographed picture and you say all 500 of my stalkers are my fault?’ West asks Orrell

Telling big fat lies to strangers is hilarious
West sets off on trek of self-discovery

BREAKING NEWS: The lies are funnier when they’re about my friends
Reporter uses her reputation of golden honesty to trick stupid fools

Shirking the baggage
An op-ed piece about how West pawned off one of her stalkers onto Curl

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