retarded vampires

Vampires. One might have been Bill, from the Sookie/True Blood series. Somehow, all but one vampire suddenly collapsed – finally dead. The remaining vamp was a woman. She wore SWAT gear – including a helmet. When she took off her helmet, I saw she had extra flaps of skin next to her eyes and across […]

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oh bother

I’m not sure why I bother taking off my shoes, ever. Moving my toes too much at all seems to be an open invitation to crazy toe cramps that cause one toe to point in ABSOLUTELY the wrong direction. It makes me queasy and fills me with the desire to vomit. I spend a hilarious […]

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non-materialistic gifts so far

Mouse traps from Commissioners Getting shot in the face with a Nerf gun by Judge Porter Sleeping until 2 p.m. on Christmas Eve Not permanently injuring my back while hunching over the kids’ gifts like a mad scientist Getting called Sarash for the first time in a while Friends who text Christmas Vacation quotes Watching […]

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depth of character

The internal debate is a familial one. We invest emotion in friends in the same way we invest emotion in each other. Our friends become our family. This is a trust on our part. The difference between blood Wests and friend  Wests, we have found, is that very few friends will return that investment. But […]

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santa letters

I am at work typing Santa letters. They are so amazing and awesome and many other words beginning with the letter A. My comments in parentheses. Dear Santa, I love you so much I could hug you. But you come at night and I don’t get to see yo. I’ve been a very good girl […]

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