retarded vampires

Vampires. One might have been Bill, from the Sookie/True Blood series. Somehow, all but one vampire suddenly collapsed – finally dead.
The remaining vamp was a woman. She wore SWAT gear – including a helmet.
When she took off her helmet, I saw she had extra flaps of skin next to her eyes and across her face above her mouth. The edges were jagged like a shark’s teeth.
With all the other vampires dead and unable to protect me, she grabbed me by the collar, snarling. She began flying upward, dragging me by my collar.
I knew she was going to kill me, but Bill had taught me the magic spell that would bring out the sun in the middle of the night.
I said the words – arcane words – and the sun appeared.
My attacker perished, and somehow all the finally dead vampires returned to life.
However, they had all turned mentally retarded. They drooled in front of TVs and empty canvasses in a school for the developmentally disabled, alongside children, for the rest of their days.
Well, until I woke up, at least.
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