meet sarah

Sarah falls out of her bed while turning off her alarm this morning.
She hits her head on the dresser and scrapes her arm on it as well,
slamming her shoulder into the ground with the grace of a gorilla.
Though her arm and shoulder may be broken and she may have a
concussion, Sarah hits the snooze button and oversleeps. Later, while
getting ready for work, she watches "The Office" episode The Injury,
the one where Dwight suffers a concussion.
Sarah gets to work and has an unpleasant impromptu interview with a
defensive SOB. Then she gets out her sunglasses on the drive back to
the office because it is a sunshiny day and she has a massive
headache. Oh, but what’s this? Her favorite sunglasses are broken.
Sarah needs to complain. If you don’t like it, read someone else’s blog.

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