how cold is too cold

You can find that poll on our Web site: But
one option the poll doesn’t you give (for good reason) is this
choice: It is too cold when my car battery is killed by the cold and
I’m sitting there wearing cute shoes — why, I don’t know — and the
car is not starting and not starting and I call Jessica to come get
me but she isn’t at the office she is at her apartment so she has to
cross town and eventually I figure this out and go back inside and
change shoes and put on wool socks because what if we get stranded on
the way to Buffalo and I didn’t even take my own advice like my mom
told me to do when I wrote that story about how officials advise us
to stay inside and stay bundled up and then Jessica is here and I go
outside and my feet are definitely warmer but not as cute and it is
far too cold.

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