I can’t stand to sit indoors for ONE MORE SECOND. I’m going stir
crazy. I’ve already walked around the outside of the building several
times, refraining from gagging when Jessica said the smell of
Jasmine’s dumpster is the way your heart smells after you’ve had too
much Chinese food.

She took off one of her shoes during our last go-round. We examined
the "Town Spring," and the sun dial donated in memory of those who
have lost their lives in wars. I sat on the picnic table and Jessica
waved at people driving by.

I’m looking forward to summer and pontoon boat time. Jessica insists
we will have to pontoon on a lake that doesn’t have fish if I want
her to get in. I told her to stop being my regular friend and to
become my cool boat friend.

It’s only been a week but I miss Lane and Emma.