i am watching a zombie movie, so yes i will awake screaming at some point tonight

If a homicidal maniac stopped in the town diner while passing through town and told us he would dance on our graves, I would be tempted to ask him if he planned on sticking around after murdering us for our funerals and burials.
Because see, we would have to be buried first before he could dance on our graves.
Something to think about.
No, that particular scene does not happen in the zombie movie I am watching. Yes, I continue to watch scary movies even though they give me nightmares.
You know, if he got away with murdering us all anonymously, he could go into the funeral planning profession. Maybe he could fake his certifications like the guy on Catch Me If You Can. He could do the actual funeral planning and burial and such. Then, when no one was looking, he could dance. If this scenario is at all likely, I’m going to throw in me coming back to life as a brain-devouring zombie.
Then Will Smith will develop a serum to make me human again. And I will join forces with the good to fight the rising tide of legion.
I love that phrase there at the end. I think about the rising tide of legion probably more than I should.
Feel free to use my blog as evidence when you have me committed.

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