drinking the dregs of winter

In no particular order, here are my recommendations for re-engergizing yourself during the long, cold days of winter. • Sunlight. I thought it would be a good idea to walk around the building on my breaks, soaking sunlight into that nerve in the top of my head that’s supposed to keep me happy if I […]

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the eyes are the groin of the head

Most of the time during Leadership Bolivar, or LB, I can’t help but compare presented scenarios with What Would Michael Scott Do? Leadership styles by LB: Kyle Ladue demonstrated great leadership by being a team leader – he completed important tasks while keeping the company’s vision at the forefront of his actions. Leadership styles by […]

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oh holy clown

"Show Me Clowns for Jesus conference scheduled Saturday" – Springfield News-Leader It starts simply. "Show Me Clowns."  OK. Missouri Clowns.  Add "for Jesus."  … What?!?  "conference."  YOU’RE KIDDING ME.

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exiting dreamland

I awoke to a persistent knocking on my front door. I thought about ignoring it, but something told me it would be my dad. I was correct, as it turns out, and he had some homemade beef stew, chocolate cheesecake and some Valentine’s gifts for me. They don’t get much more thoughtful or sweeter than my dad. […]

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