the eyes are the groin of the head

Most of the time during Leadership Bolivar, or LB, I can’t help but compare presented scenarios with What Would Michael Scott Do?
Leadership styles by LB: Kyle Ladue demonstrated great leadership by being a team leader – he completed important tasks while keeping the company’s vision at the forefront of his actions.
Leadership styles by The Office: Michael Scott gets stressed by signing expense reports, eats a soft pretzel with the works and crashes after a sugar burnout, drooling caramel onto his jacket.
Conflict resolution by LB: Keith Williams knows that healthy conflict in middle management challenges his employees.
Conflict resolution by The Office: Michael Scott takes the employee complaint files and a binder from human resources and forces employees to wear name tags with babies playing saxophones on them.
Be a servant leader by LB: Cheryl Brown accepts responsibility for blame and gives credit for successes to her employees.
Be a servant leader by The Office: Michael Scott grills his foot and demands that Ryan bring him a gas station rotisserie chicken.
We learned about communication tonight and how when writing a message, though the sender knows what it means, he or she should keep in mind that the recipient might not know how to decode it.
This made me think of how often people say, "What?" to my written communications. They make sense to me. Why are they cryptic to everyone else all of the sudden? So I should take the advice of the speaker at LB, that is to say, I should do what he said to do and fully explain to the extent I am capable the intent and meaning of my words while transcribing them, that is to say writing them, in a public forum, that is to say the internet or newspaper or on Post-It notes, so that others, that is to say you, are not confused, that is to say a moron, when reading the words, that is to say these collections of letters you are seeing here, and therefore are not tempted, that is to say to stuff a suggested apple in your face, to take your own life, that is to say put down the Chai tea and stop Tweeting for two seconds.

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