wednesday headlines

Reporter is miffed when associate editor asks about price comparison

"Why do you assume that question implied something?" associate editor asks. "It’s not as if I’m concerned about a repeat of the Woods debacle"
Writer wonders why her green nail polish looks so childish
Middle school principal asks her, "And where do you think YOU’RE going, young lady?"
Oliver makes snarky comment about not having to listen to wind-up bunny on Monday while West was gone
West stuffs a real bunny down Oliver’s throat
"All the sex offender [sic] in Bolivar pretty much live on the same streets and here’s a guy who looks kind of like Michael Phelps" reporter texts to her superior
"Why do you know that?" West texts in reply
"Haha take that KY3 suck ass," Oliver texts
West teaches Kennedy cool black man phrases
Kennedy off the mark with "Peace out. Stay out of my Kool-Aid, whatever that is"
Associate editor wonders where everyone else is
Reporter probably stalking and drooling in P. Hope
Seriously now, Progress is not going to lay out itself
Maybe in 2020, though
West overhears Kennedy asking Burks to buy him candy, underwear and socks
Writer feels awkward, pretends to write

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