Another great visit to the dentist – el doctore de muerte.

OOhohh! A tiny brush!
Are they painting the inside of my mouth?
He had trouble finding the nerve cluster way back in my jaw. It took three tries. That’s three more shots than I’m comfortable with. Actually, five more because of shots in the other two nerves.
You are ice-skating down the highway and you see a group of your peers standing there in leather jackets. You don’t know them, but you do know you belong with them. You follow them to a moonlit mountainside. You are running down the mountain and a giant werewolf with gross bulging veins is chasing you (think Hulk’s nemesis). You change into a werewolf yourself, albeit a smaller one. That’s right, you are part of a wolf pack, and becoming a she-wolf is your birthright.
The Hulk Wolf snaps a fellow pack member in his jaws. You feel little sympathy, since the pack member accidentally ate a human recently. He must pay his due.
More later…