journal flashback

March 21, 1998
I remember the time my teacher, Mrs. Cooper, made me stay after school when I was in the first grade.
I was working in my math workbook like the other students. I was just workin’ away, sort of like a bee, you might say.
Well, out of the middle of nowhere, the kid next to me let out this huge belch.
All of the children laughed. But not Mrs. Cooper. Her head snapped up like she was a puppet on a string, possessed and ready to pounce.
She looked right at me and jerked her thumb toward the closet.
I knew what that meant.
The classroom fell silent. The other children knew I was innocent, but nobody told. And I surely didn’t, ’cause I wasn’t a rat, and I downright liked old Charles Waterman. Even though he always needed a tissue or two.
Well, I slowly made my way toward the closet. Then I opened the door and went inside. There was no light in the closet, just school supplies.
I heard Mrs. Cooper lock the door behind me.
And that’s the day I stayed after school.
She kept me in the closet until that night, when a man in a white mask came in and tried to kill me, even though I did hide on the top shelf.
But that’s another story all on its own.
Aug. 28, 2001
Would it be wrong for me to date Kevin Spacey? I would seriously marry him if he walked into Pattie Cobb 107 right this very minute and asked me to elope.
Dance Party ’01. Ashley and I danced to rap music until we were told to turn it down.
Ashley took her cast off, even though I told her not to. Her scars aren’t that bad. I think she worries about it. She says it itched badly, that’s why she took it off.
Aug. 29, 2001
What a strange day. First, Ashley took like nine pills and was completely stoned. She was obviously hopped up on some depressants. Or would that be hopped down? During this "fever," as I will call it, she insisted on smoking and accused me of stealing her pills. But eventually she snapped out of it and I hope she never does that again. It scared me to death. I wanted to cry. Now she’s writing in her journal – about today’s adventures, perhaps?
Sept. 1, 2001
Yesterday we met an older man in a cowboy hat at Waffle House and Ashley told him she was attacked by a shark. So he paid for our meal.

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