indication of paranoia

When you find a glob of leftover soap on the edge of your coffee cup, your first thought is "It’s some sophisticated poison." Jessica’s desperately funny life, as viewed through her only two datebook entries last week: Wednesday, May 19: Joe the ‘Plumer’ (What does he do, make plumes?) Saturday, May 22: Make potato salad […]

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conversations with little ems

[Phone rings] Sarah: Hello? Emma: Hi Aunt Sarah. Sarah: Hi Emma. Emma: Um… um… … when are you getting here? Sarah: I have to work for another half an hour. Emma: It’s taking a long time. Sarah: You’re telling me, kiddo. Emma: When you get here, will you make chocolate … will you make chocolate […]

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oil spill zinger

CNN: "The American people expect a response on par with the Apollo Project, not Project Runway," said Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass. You just know that guy stood in front of the mirror in his jack-and- jill bathroom, wearing a pink robe, practicing that line.

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what netflix recommends

"Sarah, we think you might enjoy…   "’Kontroll’ – In the dismal world of the Budapest subway system, ticket inspector Bulcsú (Sándor Csányi) and his crew cope with everything from freeloaders to a hooded killer, while reaffirming their ability to survive each day by engaging in competitions with other crews. First-time director Nimród Antal helms […]

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