I am wearing the best pjs ever. Nathan and Michelle gave them to me for Christmas.

This neighborhood is usually quiet, but a car is driving by and its music is pumping like Jersey Shore. It’s probably Judge Judy in his El Camino.

Chevy and I watched the sunset today. I called it the vanilla sky sunset. Is that really a painting by Monet? I’m Googling it right now. (Westing it is apparently not good enough when it comes to art-related questions.)

Ahem. It is called The Seine at Argenteuil. It is not as vanilla-y as I had imagined.

Nonetheless, Chevy and I were staring at it, because it was beautiful. The colors were not exactly Monet-ish, more baby pink and baby blue and other colors you want to eat. I posted a picture of Chevy on Facebook and got an interesting variety of responses.

 Jess Hamlet While watching Vanilla Sky?

 Gerry West Neopolitan would be mo betta.

 Patty Clift Chev looking for another flock of birds to kill?

Such wiseguys.

I’m probably going to blog more. Because I’ve seen what else is out there, and I feel sorry for you guys.