i’ll be home for christmas

I can see the love and joy in my mom’s eyes when I look back through all of the Christmases in my life, as I open special and memorable gifts from her. My first Christmas, my first doll “Michael,” and me in her lap opening Michael’s wrapping with my teeth, however many I had – […]

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Here’s a way to offend your friends: send them an e-mail with just the word “UNSUBSCRIBE” in the subject line and no text in the body, like you want to unsubscribe from ever hearing from them again. So far, none of my friends have been offended. I don’t think they get the joke. It’s still […]

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in another life

In another life, I was a real estate baron. I knew, at that time, what a baron was, too. And I applied my title appropriately on my real estate, baroning all over it. I would order the peasants to grow more carrots in less dirt, as I saw into the future and the day when […]

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