i’ll be home for christmas

I can see the love and joy in my mom’s eyes when I look back through all of the Christmases in my life, as I open special and memorable gifts from her.
My first Christmas, my first doll “Michael,” and me in her lap opening Michael’s wrapping with my teeth, however many I had – a picture I will always treasure captures this moment.
I was so excited to get my Cabbage Patch preemie, Lindsey, several years later, even though she wasn’t black as I had requested. Mom looked everywhere for a black doll, but found none in Colorado.
I was so embarrassed at the time to get underwear and bras for Christmas in junior high – I had to open that in front of my dad and brothers! I smile at the memory, now. If only she could still give me such gifts.
She surprised me with a large framed print of a painting of a girl blowing bubbles while a gargoyle sprang into life to catch one. I had wanted it very much, but had no idea she would actually get it for me.
I saw the light in her eyes when I opened my emerald jewelry my senior year of high school. I saw it again two years ago when she gave me a beautiful amber ring.
Of course, Dad was also a part of these gifts and the joy of receiving them. I do not remember them as something she alone gave me.
But I’ve just been thinking of that look on her face when I would open gifts from them.
“Christmas Eve will find me / where the lovelight beams (a memory of her straight from my heart). / I’ll be home for Christmas (with you, Mom) / if only in my dreams.”

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