tony tiny dancer danza

I went to the humane society and I found this adorable baby:


I pleaded with Matt to let me have him. Matt told me no, for the first time in all of recorded history.

I tried to persuade him. I pleaded and begged. I whined and cried and pouted. I offered to let him name the little bundle of baby boy goodness.

We “brainstormed” together (I’ve learned this is the wrong word, thanks to “Imagine” by Jonah Lehrer). Here are some names we came up with:



Raj Mahal

Emilio Estevez

Tennessee Whiskers

Zach Meowis

Craig T. Nelson

But my favorite was one Matt came up with: Tony Tiny Dancer Danza.

And so that is what I call baby-cat. But Matt still insists we cannot have him. So I sent him these:





And STILL he resists!

I asked Jessica, “Why can’t I be a cat lady?” She said, “You can.”

“Said one cat lady to another,” Matt added.


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