massacre ‘twarted’ – foxnews; breaking the ‘twilight’ shooting plot story

I feel slightly better now that NBC News actually credited us with some information (see super long link below that I can’t seem to shorten because I’m on my iPad), but I still feel like I was thisclose to seeing my name on The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, some crazy Dutch website all in Dutch, around the world, etc., etc., etc.
But maybe that’s just my huge ego talking, since the story is obviously not about me. I just was the first in the entire world to report it…
Down, ego! Down!
Since I am so bitter, I will have to console myself by seeing the errors – like how “detectives” questioned Blaec Lammers (there is literally only one detective with the Bolivar Police Department due to budget cuts), FoxNews reporting “MASSACRE TWARTED” [sic] (is that like a painful “Twilight”-themed fart?) and Perez Hilton reporting that he had 400 pounds of ammo (as opposed to rounds), which would make him super strong.


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