a time for snuggling with a sweet nephew

I’ve written about them before, but I’m still remembering a few moments in our shared past, and remembering them is so sweet.
I was able to spend quite a bit of time with my nephew, Lane, when he was a baby. I would come home from college for weekends, holidays or during the summer, and sometimes he would stay at my parents’ house. Every now and then, I would sleep in the room his crib was in.
He would wake up in the night and I had been instructed on what to do:
1. Bottle
2. Rock
3. Sleep
The catch was getting him to fall back asleep after that bottle. I would try to ease down into an old wooden rocking chair, made by my grandpa, without jostling Lane too much. I would rock and rock, and those big, round, blue eyes would just stare up at me.
Even after he drifted off, sometimes he would wake again when I tried to lay him down. So, I would put him in the bed with me. And those big, round, blue eyes would stare into mine. I would close my eyes, hoping he would get bored with looking at me and close his own, but the next few times I opened them, he would still be staring.
He always fell back asleep eventually. Sometimes he would wake again, fussing a little, and I would pick him up and rock him back and forth while standing.
It was one of those times that he took his pacifier out of his mouth to yawn, put it back in and then laid his head back down on my shoulder. I remember he was just wearing a diaper, and I stroked his baby-soft back and thought life couldn’t get sweeter than that.
I know nothing compares to being a mom – my relationship with my own mom taught me about that – but being an aunt has been one of my greatest blessings.


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