journal flashback

March 21, 1998 I remember the time my teacher, Mrs. Cooper, made me stay after school when I was in the first grade. I was working in my math workbook like the other students. I was just workin’ away, sort of like a bee, you might say. Well, out of the middle of nowhere, the […]

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i wii, therefore i neglect

I’ve been wandering around in Sarahland and haven’t blogged lately. Don’t worry, though. I have a list.   Russell’s for Men It’s a catalog that has been on the breakroom table for three months. Every time I sit down at the table, I find myself drawn to the catalog for this company that makes buffalo […]

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carcass day

You might think the title refers to the way I am feeling, what with it being paper-writing time and all, but it actually refers to a phenomenon I’m eager to share. God only knows why I feel it necessary to share these things, but here goes. A couple of weeks ago, as I was driving […]

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